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Person standing on a large rock in a foggy forest contemplating ways to cope with grief.

Things happen in life that are painful, unexpected and overwhelming.

During these difficult times, we may feel

anxious, isolated and unsure of our next steps. 

You're not alone.

compassionate + empowering

Healing happens when we feel safe enough to show up exactly as we are. 

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I’m not here to change you or fix you.

In fact, I don’t think you are “broken” or that there's anything "wrong" with you. Together, we'll create an accepting and compassionate environment, with respect for your intuition + body's wisdom underlying all that we do.

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I value equity, consent and boundaries in the therapeutic relationship and am committed to creating an anti-oppressive space that is

safe(r) - especially for people who are made marginalized. I also aim to unlearn and disrupt my own internalized oppressions.

illustration of abstract geometric shapes in soft muted colors.

You're not alone.

compassionate + empowering

support is here.

Holistic Online Therapy

I value your time, so before we schedule your first session, let's see if we're a good fit.  


We'll chat via video or phone for about 15 minutes to find out if my experience and approach is a match for your needs.

I'm looking forward to

chatting with you!

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