5-minute self-compassion break

I've recorded a self-compassion mindfulness meditation for you. Enjoy a 5-minute self-compassion break.

Neuroscience has shown that self-compassion has a natural antidepressant effect on the brain. When we practice self-compassion, it regulates and soothes our nervous system, inducing a parasympathetic response, while sending a signal to the brain that we are safe.

Listen to this brief mindfulness meditation anytime you need support through anxiety, depression, grief, fear, insecurities, or chronic pain.

Angela Marino is a trauma-informed therapist who views mental health + therapy through a holistic lens. Her approach to therapy is both collaborative and holistic, centering around her values of⁣ mindfulness, connection, embodied presence, and deep listening.⁣ She's also an artist, writer, and Kripalu-certified yoga teacher in Asheville, NC. Please visit her

at www.angelamarinolcsw.com, Etsy, YouTube,

facebook, & instagram.

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