Autism-affirming therapy with an Autistic therapist. A safe space to explore and affirm your Autistic identity.

Autism-Affirming Therapy 

"One of the biggest problems facing autistic people, when seeking mental health treatment, is a mismatch between neurology and therapy modalities. Everyone needs whatever therapy works best for their particular brain."

-Matt Lowry, LPP

I provide an Autism-affirming perspective in therapy and believe Autism is a genetically-based neurotype, not a medical disorder. "I understand being autistic to be a cultural identity and recognize #actuallyautistic people as experts on their own culture." -Janae Elisabeth, Trauma Geek  


As an Autistic therapist, I'm here to create a safe space that affirms your Autistic identity. 



Autism-affirming therapy seeks to...

support Autistics in better understanding themselves, by better understanding

their neurotype

create a safe space to explore

Autistic masking and unmasking

heal the complex trauma many

Autistics experience

validate your unique lived experience as a late-discovered Autistic adult

provide an experience of Autistic culture in session with an Autistic therapist

encourage infodumping

about special interests in sessions

(this can be profoundly healing)

unpack internalized ableism + learn strategies for recovering from

Autistic burnout

discover your needs as an Autistic +

learn Autistic coping skills



Together, we'll create an accepting and compassionate environment,

with respect for your neurotype underlying all that we do. 

We'll create a holistic container that can hold it all:

the overwhelm, the uncertainty, the grief, the shame, the anxiety...

by utilizing whatever approaches feel most supportive to you. This may include parts work (Internal Family Systems), in-session mindfulness practices or non-verbal approaches like creative arts expression.

All somatic support, meditation and mindfulness offered in session is neurodivergence-inclusive.

River Marino, liberation-oriented therapist in Florida, designed this illustration of abstract geometric shapes in soft muted colors.

"One of the best kinds of support out there for Autistic individuals is connecting with the Autistic community.

Autistic folks deserve Autistic spaces." 

-Lived Experience Educator

Convenient + Confidential


Autism-affirming therapy or coaching

from the comfort of your

home, office or airbnb.

We'll meet online via an

easy-to-use HIPAA compliant (secure)

video conferencing system.

$200 per 60 minute session

all sliding-scale spaces are full

neuroqueer abstract line drawing of a face created by autistic therapist River Marino. the words read: you don't have to heal yourself into a neat little story of triumph or success. Life is mess. Growth isn't linear. You are not a commercial. -Chani Nicholas

Autism-affirming therapy services are available if you live in FL, NC or abroad

Autism-affirming coaching is available no matter your location

The goal of therapy should never be to help people adjust to oppression. - Carmen Cool