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Autistic-Centered Resources

This is an ongoing curation of Autistic-affirming resources, 

exclusively featuring content from Autistic individuals.

Note: I do my best to only include content that affirms autism as a neurotype

and being Autistic as a cultural identity. However, some of these resources may

occasionally use language, such as 'ASD,' 'condition' and 'disorder'.

The Inside of Autism 6-week course

"Most Autism training is stereotypical, wrapped up in non-Autistic behavioural-based perspectives and incredibly deficit focused and ultimately useless.  It doesn't have any meaning. The Inside of Autism strips back those stereotypes, provides insight from multiple Autistic perspectives, is grounded in up-to-date research; and shifts from a centred non-Autistic viewpoint to an Autistic one." - The Autistic Advocate

I highly recommend this course (I've taken it three times!). 

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The Identity Theory of Autism:

How Autistic Identity Is Experienced Differently

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Discovering a Trauma-Informed Positive Autistic Identity

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Here’s Why Autistics Should Stim Out Loud

Celebrating Autistic Culture

The Top 10 Pillars of Autistic Culture

"Stimming is our cultural dance."

- Prue Stevenson

"Autism is not just a less common neurotype. It is also a CULTURE." 

- The Autistic Culture Podcast

"We believe that celebrating Autistic Joy is our greatest act of resistance in a world that was not made for us, and some days feels like it seeks to destroy us for being who we were born to be.  Join us in our mission to end stigma, expand acceptance, and advocate for

Autistic Justice."

The Legend of Autistica

The Legend of Autistica by Matt Lowry, LPP

The Legend of Autistica on the Autistic Culture Podcast


NonSpeaking Culture + Identity


A Day With No Words is a colorful and engaging picture book for young readers shares what life can look like for families who use nonverbal communication, utilizing tools to embrace their unique method of "speaking."

(quote from publisher's website)


Autistic Joy

Trans Autistic People Use Our Whole Bodies to Express Joy


Masking + Unmasking

Shifting my Unmasking from Revealing to Unearthing

"I find that the word “unmasking” no longer fits me. I once told someone, “I’m not unmasking; I’m conducting a whole archeological dig.” I still use the term “unmasking” publicly because it has an essential and established shared context, and privately I imagine a process of “unearthing” instead."

BOOK: Unmasking Autism by Devon Price, PhD

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Autistic Burnout

“A state of pervasive exhaustion, loss of function, increase in autistic traits, and withdrawal from life that results from continuously expending more resources than one has coping with activities and environments ill-suited to one’s abilities and needs.” In other words, autistic burnout is the result of being asked to continuously do more than one is capable of without sufficient means for recovery.

signs, causes, and strategies for autistic burnout

Article on Autistic burnout by

The Autistic Advocate

Autistic Burnout Is More Than Burnout by The Autistic Science Person

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Autistic Meltdowns + Shutdowns

Article about what Autistic meltdowns feel like for the author

Podcast episode on Autistic meltdowns by AuDHD Flourishing

Article with a short video on Autistic meltdowns

Neurodivergent Rebel on Autistic meltdowns

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BOOK: Neuroqueer Heresies by Dr. Nick Walker

Article by Dr. Nick Walker

"It’s been said that autistic people have meltdowns because they’re overwhelmed by the surroundings of their environments, but autistic people can melt down for many reasons, including pressure to mask who they are to fit in with society. In my case, most of my meltdowns stemmed from having to mask who I was.

Being autistic and LGBTQ go hand in hand many times. A lot of autistic people are also queer and/or trans, so we often get ostracized for being both."

Ableism + Internalized Ableism

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